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The Internet of Things is transforming almost every each industry and its way of operations. There’s an urgent need of an infrastructure that can connect all the dynamic necessities of information management, regulations, scalability, performance driven and most importantly, highly sensible, safe and secured. Creating a secure path to provide a sleek flow of information between the machines and the management systems, Internet of Things also termed as IoT, is an integrated technology all set to change the lives of humans and how they connect their lives with the machines and modern technology. Its offers a platform for all the machines and remote applications to be integrated into an organizational process and supplying intelligence on its own, purposely. Moreover, real-time information of the operations provides an additional knowledge and understanding about the machines and its process enhancing the overall performance of the applications.

  • Equipment interface development
  • Equipment interface development
  • Equipment interface development

Because of the tremendous growth in M2M, millions of devices across the globe are all set to be monitored remotely. There are innumerable benefits of M2M and that is why all the businesses from every sector are looking forward to this modern and life-changing technology. Both the large-scale companies and the small-scale firms are providing these solutions but have their own problems as well. While larger organizations are struggling with the time-to-market problem making the potential consumers wait longer than the expectations, the small-scale companies are trying to overcome the end-to-end development problems. Moreover, due to the multiple bodies involved in the process, the quality is often compromised eventually taking more time than the usual.

SOFTOMAGIC works innovatively by taking wireless technologies and cloud connectivity to the next level. We are capable to offer end-to-end application solutions in time for almost every sector including sophisticated machines, heavy equipment, HVAC controls, electricity/gas/water meters, industrial controls, vehicles as well as home appliances. We are committed to deliver the high-end & result-oriented M2M solutions by providing a well-structured mechanism comprising hardware designs, cloud connectivity, embedded development and smartphone accessibility.

SOFTOMAGIC offers an integrated solution for M2M and IoT platform making it easier for clients to enjoy maximum benefits from the machines, remote applications and connected technologies.

Based on cloud-based architecture, M2M & IoT platform by SOFTOMAGIC provides dedicated services like field data integration and application development. With our flexible APIs support, we offer you a well-secured and scalable solution that can build and deliver customized IoT applications in time to perfectly suit your requirements. Furthermore, business analytics and intelligence can also be added by processing the IoT data right into the key management applications and systems.

  • Machine/remote application connectivity.
  • Safe & secure data acquisition.
  • Electricity powered or battery operated wireless modules.
  • Data collection through local network and transferring it to cloud server.
  • Multiple gateways like GSM, Wi-Fi, Ethernet or Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Mesh Networking through local device network.
  • Smartphone device connectivity.
  • Data storage on cloud network.
  • Data mining and analytical reports.
  • Softomagic is committed to deliver high-end M2M hardware devices for smoother and safer data acquisition from both intelligent (protocol based) and non-intelligent (raw sensors) devices.
  • Our well-experienced developers are keen to develop and deliver a firmware on microcontrollers from microchip, TI, Cypress, Freescale, Maxim Integrated, Atmel, etc. and make it sure that the required data reached the cloud servers safely.
  • Our cloud and smartphone applications ensure that real-time data and conclusive analytical data with alarm monitoring should come handy and can be utilized well for real-time decision making.

Our designs are optimized to tackle the challenges of M2M and IoT solution development. With our vast knowledge and years of experience in product engineering, we are all set to fulfill all your technological requirements right from the planning level, prototyping stage to PoC and then successfully bringing it to the production level. With our dedicated service, we offer you the best of our technical as well as domain assistance.

Hardware development services

With an in-depth knowledge of hardware design development, we offer best-in-class services for developing machine connectivity devices with M2M domain. Devices by Softomagic are designed to communicate with the machines using multiple interfaces like:

  • Sensor Interface: Analog & Digital Inputs
  • Communication System: RS232 / RS485 / CANBus / Bluetooth / Wi-Fi

The collected data is sent to the concentrator units with the help of the following interfaces :

  • Wireless Networks: RF / ZigBee / Bluetooth / Wi-Fi – With these networks, there’s no need of wiring and unnecessary connections all across the plant or site.
  • Wired Network: RS485 / Ethernet / PLC – Used widely in the existing infrastructures, these wired network solutions can offer an ideal platform for short-range connectivity.

Following this, the data is sent to the cloud server by the Data concentrator units with the help of the following types of networks:

  • GPRS: Using SIM cards and cellular network, GPRS Network transfers the data to the central server.
  • Ethernet: Using broadband Ethernet connections, data is transferred to the cloud server.

BSP / Firmware / Device Drivers / Operating System Development Services

Ensuring the embedded solutions based on firmware and operating systems, Softomagic offers a well-dedicated Board Support Package, Device Drivers & OS Development services in India and abroad. Our BSP can be optimally used for developing M2M solutions. We create fast and reliable drivers for the following services:

  • Accurate data collection using high resolution ADCs.
  • Firmware for microcontrollers from Atmel, TI, Microchip, Cypress, Freescale, NXP, Maxim Integrated, etc.
  • Drivers for communication interfaces like RS485 / RS232 / Ethernet / Bluetooth / Wi-Fi, etc.
  • Protocol Stack Support for ZigBee / RF / TCP / Bluetooth, etc.
  • Battery operated hardware power management.

We have an expertise in providing real-time applications with guaranteed Quality of Services (QoS). The key aspect of our dedicated services is data integration and safeguarding the data even when the connection is lost or the server fails.

While working with M2M, another important thing to consider is to have an uninterrupted support for over-the-air firmware upgrade and updates for remote configuration. With this service, we offer:

  • Mesh algorithm across nodes.
  • Self-discovery of fresh nodes
  • Automatic re-routing for self-healing network
  • Upgrades for over-the-air firmware
  • Remote diagnostics protocols
  • Health monitoring protocols
  • Remote configuration updates.

Cloud Application Development Services

Softomagic aims to provide nonpareil cloud application development services to smoothly develop and deploy M2M applications that require 24x7 connectivity. We already have developed numerous cloud applications for logistics, street lightning, smart metering, equipment monitoring, industrial appliances, home automation, HVAC controllers and so on. With our best in class cloud application development service, you get:

  • Implementation of communication protocols & DCU
  • Remote firmware upgrades for the devices, DCUs and server applications
  • Efficient, effective yet easy to use user interface for browsers.

Smartphone Application Development Services

The whole world is using smartphones and we at Softomagic understand its importance very well. Moreover, we know well how to utilize the presence of smartphones for the betterment of lives and the benefit of the businesses. We provide simple, easy-to-understand, user-friendly and effective smartphone applications to provide our clients on-the-go and seamless connectivity. We make it possible for you to get the access to most of the needful information on that small screen of yours enabling you to gain the full control. So, our smartphone development services comes with:

  • Android application development
  • iOS / iPhone / iPad application development
  • Effective & efficient interface
  • Simple & user-friendly
  • Power sensitive applications
  • Effective battery management
  • Multi-touch gestures
  • Compatible with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, storage, GPS, etc.s